Simplify Your Space with Smart Storage Solutions
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Simplify Your Space with Smart Storage Solutions

Every organizer hanger can hold 5 shirts or pants, make it save 5 times the space of the wardrobe, and keep the clothes neat, it is also suitable for hanging shirt, jackets, T-shirt, coats, trousers, sweaters.
Thanks to premium stainless chrome and eco-friendly EVA Sponge, Multilayer Hangers has no rust, strong anti-slip performance, and without rough and sharp edges, comfortable to hold.
Different from traditional multi-layer hangers, Hangers has five small hangers that can be disassembled and freely combined according to the needs of use, more in line with the needs of the modern population

Material: Fabric
Weight: 440~560g
Material: Wrought iron+EVA sponge
Quality: 2 pcs